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W3Schools.Dev for beginning to be a developer

W3Schools.Dev is for beginners to learn and to be a place for practicing your skill. This website simplifies content for learning web technology and learning to build some online types of applications based on plain English. Sentences used are trying to be able to be translated by software into almost languages used around the world.

W3Schools.Dev categorized into three parts. The first is front-end web technology composed of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for DOM. The second is back-end web technology to control data behind the scene. And the last one is examples of how to apply this knowledge practically.

We choose PHP to be the first start for the learners to learn back-end applications because of the 'cost of services' is relatively cheaper than others on several web hosting. The learner can later visit to see the update of this website if you are interested in other technology of back-end web applications.

Java and Kotlin are also contents in W3Schools.Dev for the learners who want to study to build applications on native android. When you understand the process and components for building a native mobile application, you will be able to learn a multi-platform compiler such Flutter that supports building not only for android but ios and other types of applications. Then we also decide to have some tutorial for Dart which is the language for Flutter.

Last but not least, we have an idea to include many computer languages into the web. Because of in principle, learning programming language almost the same for coding idea to control electronic devices and displaying data to the users. And benefit of knowing multiple languages will help the learners have good vision of implementation of thier skills better than knowing only one computer language. Because of those, W3Schools.Dev promote and support the learners to learn more after getting familiar with a language to improve the skills and gain more opportunity of life.

Practise doesn't make perfect, perfect practise makes perfect!

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